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Disaster Preparedness

It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark
– The Bible

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What is Disaster Preparedness?

No one can stop natural disasters, but we can arm ourselves with knowledge: so that many lives wouldn’t have to be lost if there was enough disaster preparedness. 

Public safety and emergency preparedness is critical to minimizing casualties and property loss.  Together, we can prepare and respond proactively and be disaster-ready!

At Storm First Responders, we’re committed to our communities before and after disaster strikes

What is Disaster Preparedness?

Disaster preparedness consists of a set of measures undertaken in advance by governments, organizations, communities, nonprofits, or individuals to better respond and cope with the immediate aftermath of a disaster, whether it be human-induced or caused by natural hazards. The main objective is to reduce the loss of life and livelihoods.

Simple initiatives can go a long way as it relates to disaster readiness.  For instance in training for search and rescue, establishing early warning systems, developing contingency plans, or stockpiling equipment and supplies only to mention a few have the potential to reap huge rewards.

Be Prepared, Not Scared!

Importance of Disaster Preparedness

Why is this important?

With increasing population growth, rapid and unplanned urbanization, environmental degradation and widespread poverty, a growing number of people and assets are exposed to disasters.

However, improved practices and response mechanisms can help save lives and strengthen a community’s ability to reduce the impact of disasters.

Understanding the occurrence and frequency of natural hazards, as well as the risks, vulnerabilities and potential impact on people and assets, helps to improve preparedness.

Storm First Responders believes that instead of providing emergency response only, national, and international efforts should help governments and communities invest in understanding risks and building preparedness capacities for pre-emptive and early action. Disaster preparedness is cost-effective and saves money.  It pays to be prepared!

How is Storm First Responders Helping?

Ready Today, Resilient Tomorrow

1. Informative Education Programs:

Storm First Responders Educational Programs are at the very heart of our organization, our primary purpose.  Knowledge and Information is our starting point and our passion!  Teaching homeowners, HOA’s, schools, communities, community leaders and First Responders that safety is a way of life and to never underestimate the impact of a disaster.  Helping others get disaster-ready through special events, seminars, conferences, podcast, or radio programs is the very foundations of all we do. 

2. Managing the Chaos:

The aftermath of a storm brings with it chaos and disruption to everyone in its path.  People’s entire lives can be adversely impacted.  People’s lives are gripped by fear, their emotions running high, suffering depression and discouragement as well as psychical fatigue.  In addition, their finances can be adversely impacted, food and resources may be scarce, no phone service, electrical power and road closures all make life an unbearable hardship. 

Storm First Responders, after being first and foremost an educator of storm readiness is a world class team of Storm Emergency Managers.  Managing and minimizes the chaos and disruptions is our expertise.  Through SFR leadership and the efforts of our emergency response professionals, individuals and communities are helped to get back on their feet again and to be whole as they were before the disaster. 

SFR strategic alliances with hundreds of subcontractors and nonprofits and our access to the much needed resources and equipment as well as our ability to respond quickly to a disaster and to bring the much-needed relief to areas of greatest crisis is what make Storm First Responders a leader and an invaluable asset in the field of emergency response. 

Safety Starts with Preparedness!

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Disaster Preparedness

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