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Disaster Recovery

While natural disasters capture headlines and national attention short-term, the work of RECOVERY is long-term.

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery planning and strategies focus on responding to and recovering from disasters—events that disrupt or completely stop life and business as we know it.

When and where needed, the Storm First Responder Disaster Recovery Team is called into action. This recovery team mobilizes from across the country to support large-scale, natural disaster damage events.

After a natural disaster, knowing where to start can be difficult.

When hurricanes and typhoons strike, their volatility and unpredictability can leave many in peril, especially when storms follow in close succession. Recovery from such a disaster can take years.

Communities often face challenges understanding and accessing federal programs meant to aid recovery, while facing obstacles like displacement and power outages. And, as we’ve seen in the wake of Hurricane Ian in Florida, individuals may also struggle navigating insurance policies. This is where Storm First Responders can be an invaluable asset to communities and individuals.

Here at Storm First Responders, we are committed to providing rapid and effective responses to meet the challenges facing communities in the wake of natural disasters. Our company is focused on strong leadership and dynamic execution of the recovery process. With extensive experience in disaster relief coupled with our ability to both self-perform work immediately and engage a network of hundreds of subcontracting partners, Storm First Responders is a trusted partner with an unmatched record.

Types of Disasters

Types of disasters can include: 
  • Natural disasters (for example, earthquakes, floods, tornados, hurricanes, or wildfires)
  • Pandemics and epidemics
  • Other intentional, human-caused threats such as terrorist or biochemical attacks
  • Technological hazards (for example, power outages, pipeline explosions, and transportation accidents)

Overview on How Disaster Recovery Works

Storm Management

In the aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, wildfires, Storm First Responders coordinates each step of the recovery mission.  Our ability to rapidly deploy, mobilize and ramp up with full-time personnel and hundreds of subcontractors is a testimony to the dedication of our staff and the relationships we build with our subcontractors.

Storm First Responders is a strategic contracting management firm in the disaster recovery industry, having successfully responded to natural disasters and earning the support confidence of the individuals, communities, and municipalities that we have faithfully served since 1986.

Disaster Recovery Strategy

First in, last out!

Storm First Responders are usually the first on the scene following a disaster and among the last to leave.  In fact, our Educational Preparedness Programs are implemented as soon as there are indicators of an approaching storm to a community.  This greatly minimizes loses and causalities.  We are among the last to leave because historically out of state contracts are among the first to leave.  This leaves homeowners and communities in the lurch, creating unnecessary hardships.

Our job is NOT over until the community and homeowners are made whole again. While others move on, we remain!  This is our commitment to those we serve, and this is what separates us from other companies that follow profits over commitment.

Preferred Vendors & Subcontractors

Storm First Responders works hand in hand with vetted subcontracts that qualified to be Storm First Responders preferred contractors/vendors.  SFR knows the best and only works with the best in every field needed to make communities whole again.  If we can trust our subs, you can trust our subs! From roofers, to contractors, SFR has agreements and sub-contractors’ relationships and contracts with hundreds of subcontractors. 

We take the worry away from the homeowner of who to higher and who manages each job.  We do everything for you!

Human Trafficking Opportunities

Our team of highly educated and experienced professional and certified managers take the stress off the homeowner so the homeowner can focus on family, business, and other matters that disaster has interrupted.


Storm First Responders contractors manages the permit processes making sure your property is built back according to local codes.

Public Adjusters and Estimators

One of the biggest stresses following a storm is navigating through the insurance and legal process.  Storm First Responders has you covered!  This too is part of the recovery process and there is nobody better that SFR to handle under your supervision the insurance process.  Having managed and closed thousands of insurance claims successfully you can have confidence of this matter being handled by our team of professionals.

Legal Team

If needed, Storm First Responders lawyers standby ready to serve you.  SFR has assembled a world class legal team made up of the best legal minds in the nation, experience transactional and trail lawyers to protect your legal interest.  Our legal team is always a just a phone call away!


Communication is the key

Storm First Responders knows the value of communications.  Communicating during times of crisis is more important than any other time in life.  Storm First Responders provides each customer/client with communications software that is simple to use that keeps you in touch with our team of experts 24/7.  From start to finish you are NEVER in the dark.   We provide pictures of all activity and progress reports so you can feel in control of the process.  We want our customers to have peace of mind and confidence in the process. 

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Disaster Recovery

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